The post operative support vest for patients after heart-surgery

Deep sternal infection is the most feared complication after open heart surgery (median sternotomy). The Posthorax Support Vest stabilizes the sternum after the operation and prevents friction between the two sternum half's.

POSTHORAX® PRO support vest
USE: Postoperative Rehabilitation


Thoracic belt to reduce pain and faster mobilization after thoracotomy

Thoracic belt for pain reduction and faster mobilization following thoracotomies, minithoracotomies, fractured/bruised ribs

POSTHORAX® - ThoraxBelt
USE: ICU & ward


Thorax Stabilization after Thoracic Surgery / TAVI

Thorax Stabilization after Thoracic Surgery / TAVI - Pain reduction, Minithoracotomies

POSTHORAX® - Chestfix
USE: Intensive Care / Hospital Ward / Patient's Home